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Mini-reviews by the Burrito Bandito

Last updated: Feb. 26 1997

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San Jose

Emma's - 177 W. Santa Clara St. (Santa Clara & Almaden)
(408) 279-EMMA
A good, solid burrito. Good tortillas.

El Palenque No. 2 Taqueria Y Restaurante - 503 W. San Carlos (between Bird and 87)
(408) 297-2467
Refried beans only, but still pretty good. Excellent salsa with the chips.

Gualdalajara #3 - 45 Post St. (Post runs parallel to Santa Clara, between Almaden and First.)
[Not yet reviewed]

Iguanas Tacqueria - 330 S. Third St. (Third and San Carlos, across from McDonalds)
(408) 977-1212
Beans could be more flavorful, Guacamole has a weird tangy taste. BIG burritos.

La Tacqueria - 15 S. First (First and Santa Clara)
(408) 287-1542
Excellent beans and tortillas, but no rice! Bummer! The fresh ingredients make up for it, though.

Rock 'n Tacos - 131 W. Santa Clara (between Almaden and Market on Santa Clara)
(408) 993-8230
OK, but kind of cheap tasting. Lame tortillas.

Tico's Tacos - Corner of N. Fourth and Julian
(408) 297-8421
If you like really greasy food, you'll dig this place. Refried beans, lots of melty gooky cheese, etc. I still kinda like it, though.

Tacqueria El Mexicanito - 1102 Bird Ave. (Corner of Bird & Willow)
(408) 995-5354
Very good hot sauce; different tasting, kind of peppery.

El Rancho Liquors (and Tacqueria) - Corner of Alma and Vine
(408) 298-5375
"Authentic." Really, really good, fresh burritos with great salsa.

Super Tacqueria - 476 S. Tenth (Tenth and William)
(408) 292-3470
Another place with really fresh burritos. Excellent green salsa.

Muchos - 72 E. Santa Clara St. (between Second and Third)
(408) 277-0333
These burritos are very large. Pretty good, but not awesome.

Aqui - 1145 Lincoln (in Willow Glen, close to Willow & Lincoln)
(408) 995-0381
The grilled veggies in these burritos make them stand out. The rice is a bit different; I like it. Plus, you get a little salad and fruit with your burrito. More of a sit-down place, but takeout is available.

Taquería Tlaquepáque (say tuh-lah-kay-pah-kay) - 2222 Lincoln Ave.
(408) 978-3665
Super good, super fresh burritos. The salsa verde is killer, but you have to specifically ask for it because it's pretty hot, but it's really, really, really good.

El Papucho Deli / Mexican Food - 1745 W. San Carlos (just West of Meridian, in the shopping center)
(408) 297-3166
Good beans, good tortillas. The "regular" burritos are cutely small. Not very busy, the times I've been by.

Los Gatos

Andale - 60 Santa Cruz Ave.
Reportedly excellent, but I haven't gotten over to check it out yet.

Mountain View

La Bamba - Old Middlefield and Rengstorff
Watch the guy who makes the burritos. It's all in the wrist.

La Consteña - Old Middlefield and Rengstorff
I love the beans here (both the pintos and the black beans). There's quite a variety of salsas, and the guacamole is usually really fresh. The chicken mole is really good here.

Pollo's - In the shopping center at Grant and El Camino

San Francisco

El Toro - Valencia & 17th
I love the chili relleno burrito, the veggie burrito is also really good.

La Cumbré - Valencia & 15th
This place is great just, if only for the atmosphere.

Taqueria Can-Cun - Mission & 19th
The tortillas here are toasted instead of steamed, which gives them a unique flavor.

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