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My Stuff Page:

Most of these sounds are 16 bit Stereo, 44kHz, so they're kinda big, but they sound awesome, dude.

61 K - Download a real sound of me throwing up!

Here are some nifty sounds that I made by using a Korg 707 FM Synth and a Zoom 9030 multi-effects unit. They're good general-purpose "Beep" sounds. And they sound great through headphones.

280K - "Twang"
150K - "Eyew"
124K - "Ding"
104K - "Hands Off"
53K - "Beyong"
47K - "WRONG"

This is a QuickTime animation that I did by doing frame grabs with my video camera.
This works now! Try it!

860 K - "", this one will take a while to download.

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Note: all of these sounds and movies are Copyright © 1992-1997, Ross A. Jeynes
Please redistribute them widely if desired, but don't claim them as your own, or I'll have to whack ya on the head.